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Broken, used, cracked, used or new. We buy and pay cash local near you.

Our Pawn Shop

Let Us Introduce Our Pawn Store

Welcome to BuyBuy Tech for electronic buying. A locally owned electronic pawn shop in Columbia, Missouri. We buy iPhones, Samsung’s devices from cracked screens to no power, but that’s not it – we also buy laptops/macbooks/custom built pc’s, cameras, tablets, gaming consoles, and smartwatches! We got you covered if you need cash quick or don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling your device. Best electronic pawn shop in Columbia MO! Looking for the nearest pawn shop near you open 24 hours? Send a message and we will reply back to you as soon as we are able to during business hours.

iphone we buy
samsung galaxy s21 we buy

Sell Your iPhone/Samsung

We Buy iPhone's/Samsung's For Cash

At our pawn shop we buy iPhones. We buy Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy’s, LG’s, Motorola’s, and more! Cracked, broken, used, financed, new, sealed. We buy ANY condition. Even phones with no power or with water damage.

macbook air pro we buy
laptops pc computer we buy

Sell Your MacBook/Laptop

We Buy MacBook's/Laptop's For Cash

We buy MacBook’s and Laptops at our Pawn Store too! We buy laptops HP, Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft Surface Pro, all Apple MacBook’s, custom built pc’s, and more! Cracked screens, bad batteries, used, new. We buy ANY condition. Even laptops and MacBook’s with no power or severely damaged outsides.

canon camera we buy
camera gear lenses we buy

Sell Your Camera Lenses/Gear

We Buy Cameras For Cash

Get cash for your camera at our pawn shop! We buy cameras and lenses Sony, Canon, Nikon, and more! Bad display screens, broken, used, new. We buy ANY condition. Even cameras with no power.

iPad-Pro-11‑in.-2nd-generation_ we buy
iPad-Air-5th-Generation_ we buy

Sell Your iPad/Tablet

We Buy iPads/Tablets For Cash

Sell your iPad/Tablet at our pawn shop today! We buy Apple iPad’s, Kindle Fire’s, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, and more! Cracked screens, cracked backs, used, new. We buy ANY condition. Even tablets with no power or water damaged.

PlayStation 4 slim console we buy
nintendo switch v1 v2 we buy

Sell Your Gaming Console

We Buy Gaming Consoles For Cash

Sell your gaming console for cash at the closest pawn shop near you. We buy PS4’s, PS4 Slim’s, PS4 Pro’s, PS5’s, Xbox One’s, Xbox One Series S’s, Xbox One Series X’s (2017), Xbox One Series X’s (2020), Xbox Series S’s (2020), Nintendo Switch Lite Handheld’s/Console’s, and more! Cracked, bad hdmi port, used, new. We buy ANY condition. Even consoles with no power or severely damaged outsides.

apple watch we buy
apple watch series 6 gen we buy

Sell Your Apple Watch

We Buy Smartwatches For Cash

Our pawn store in Columbia MO buys smartwatches too! We buy Apple Watch Series 3’s, Apple Watch Series 4’s, Apple Watch Series 5’s, Apple Watch Series 6’s, Apple Watch Series 7’s and Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches and more! Cracked screens, cracked backs, used, new. We buy ANY condition. Even smartwatches with no power!

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