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Are you looking where to get rid of your old or broken electronics that you have laying around the house? Sell your Phone/iPhone/Samsung cell phones for cash today near you!

We buy Phones, iPhones, Samsungs, iPads, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, MacBooks, Cameras, Smartwatches, Gaming Consoles, Androids, Smartphones, Diabetic Test Strips and much more

We are a local store in Columbia called BuyBuy Tech pays cash today for items including carriers like Sprint/T-Mobile/AT&T/Verizon… & new/used/broken/old/cracked screen conditions & even with water damage/no power. Sell your broken iPhone, sell your used laptop, sell your cracked iPad, or sell another device in any condition for the most amount of cash in your pocket!

We usually pay higher offers than most repair shops, ecoatm, apple, and pawn stores in Columbia Missouri (MO). Sell Your device for some fast cash and skip listing it for sale on marketplace!

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We are a local electronic store in Columbia MO that pays cash for electronics and diabetic test strips.

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We buy used or damaged cell phones from the major carriers Sprint , AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular, Tracfone, Xfinity, Boost Mobile, and T-Mobile.

Most cell phone company’s do trade-in offers. However, most won’t trade in cracked or broken devices.

Also, most trade-ins are not paid in cash, but with an in-store gift card. We pay cash for your damaged, used, or new phones or any other electronic item!

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Top cash offers for even devices with software or hardware damage.

We buy in bulk from wireless stores that get trade-ins, pawn shops, cell phone insurance companies, government agencies upgrading their lines, and more.

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We buy most iPhones and Samsung’s/Androids.

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We buy all types of electronics ranging from gaming laptops to broken no power cracked MacBooks. Used devices are are great too!

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Got a Nintendo Switch that was a Christmas gift that you no longer use? We got your back. Sell your unneeded gaming gear for cash to buy the games you want!

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For unwanted presents like the Switch you got for Christmas or as a birthday gift you can say. It’s ok grandma, I appreciate the gift, but I just like cash instead!

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All models are considered. Cracked, broken, used and even no power and water damged devices. Top cash offers for money same day!

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Can I sell my used, old, or even broken iPhone/Phone or other electronics? Yes and we will give you cash for your electronics. We pay cash the same day near you in Columbia Missouri MO!

We especially like buying iPhones, Macbooks/Laptops, Samsung Galaxy, and iPads with cracked screens or water damage!

We can pay you cash today on the spot for your device. If you have electronics that are old and not using anymore. Get rid of them and get paid fast cash today. We also buy diabetic test strips!

We love buying cameras for cash. We also love buying camera lenses and any camera gear!